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After unlocking the Broccoli Empire chapter, you can enter the blue forest. Inside the Blue Forest, there is a big villa. After you complete the 2nd coco dungeon you get a key to this villa. Once inside the villa you can ask WIFY (Burgers ex wife), to give back Burger, and she will once you pass her quiz.

The quiz consists of eight questions in total. Answers are bought from Space Ben with ghosts (the prices of said answers increase with each purchase). Keep in mind that some questions have two correct answers so buying one instead of both will save you some ghosts.

Once the villa is unlocked, a portal becomes an option to buy from Space Ben.

When an answer is incorrect, the quiz will restart.


Answers to the quiz:

Question 1 - Knock knock. Who’s there?

Answer - Remouladin or Jerks or Derek

Question 2 - What makes the world go round?

Answer - Ghosts or Remouladin or Jerks

Question 3 - What are true friends made of?

Answer - Coco or Stardust

Question 4 - How many fingers am I holding up?

Answer - 127

Question 5 - Whats for dinner?

Answer - Broccoli or Burger

Question 6 - How many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters do you need to drink to understand the meaning of life?

Answer - 42

Question 7 - Which came first, the jerks or the planet?

Answer - Planet or Jerks

Question 8 - Who is the reason for this quiz?

Answer - Burger

Once WIFY's quiz is finished, she will reveal that she has turned Burger into a planet called Burgulon, who disappeaars, forcing the player to seek help from Remouladin.


  • Question 6, 'How many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters do you need to drink to understand the meaning of life?', is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.