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Space Ben is sitting in his space shop... Looking at you. Do you want to buy something? Do you?

Space Ben is a character of unknown race who serves as the shop in Planet Life. He travels through many solar systems and eagerly awaits potential business. He appears to always be smiling, and this is sometimes acknowledged by the game.

Space Ben is first discovered after building the Workshop.

Space Ben's services include providing and strengthening your healing potions, selling chests of varying qualities, selling USB chips to progress the plotline, and so on. However, when you play as Burgulon, he only offers materials in exchange for stardust, and you can upgrade the quantities at which he sells.

Items available (Planet Chapter)

Item Purpose Cost Other prerequisites
Starmap Obtain Derek 100 Wood, 10 Gold N/A
Starmap Meet Stupid Looking Planet 500 Wood, 50 Gold Previous Starmap
Starmap Meet Remouladin 10 Stardust Previous Starmap
Health Potion Used in Dungeons 10 Gold, 100 Coco Obtain Derek
Scruffy Chest Obtain Scruffy Equipment 10 Stardust Obtain Derek
Decent Chest Obtain Decent Equipment 80 Stardust Obtain Derek
Excellent Chest Obtain Excellent Equipment 200 Stardust Obtain Derek
Crazy Chest Obtain Crazy Equipment 800 Stardust Obtain Derek
Experimental Potion Research +10 potion healing 450*(times purchased+1) Wood Obtain Derek
Red USB Stick Meet Meltyface 100 Gold, 1000 Coco N/A
Green USB Stick Meet Sweatson 1000 Wood, 3000 Coco, 5 Stardush N/A
Orange USB Stick Meet John 60 Stardust N/A