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There are many different resources in Planet Life, and all play a vital role in your progress.

Base Resources

These four resources are present in both chapters, and are used for a variety of upgrades. The first three can be obtained through use of the Time Terrarium, trading with the Stupid Looking Planet, and by purchasing from Space Ben in the Burgulon Chapter.


Wood is present in all three chapters. It can be obtained from Burger, Meltyface, Dungeons, trading with the Stupid Looking Planet, and through Presents. Burger's axe can be upgraded to chop up to 6 Wood/second through the Workshop. After entering the Broccoli Empire, all of that still applies except Burger, who is replaced with Sven, who can be upgraded much further than Burger's axe.

In the Burgulon Chapter, Wood can be obtained through the Wood Synthesizer, Slopnax, the Dungeon, or through Wooden Poker. It can then be used to upgrade your Jerks' attack power, Bret's crowbar, and to activate the Celestial Summoner.


Gold is one of the most interesting base resources, considering it doesn't really have a good way of efficiently getting it. Burger can mine it, but only has a 30% chance to mine 1 gold/second. His drill can be upgraded to get an eventual 100% chance to mine 1 gold/second. It can also be obtained through Sweatson and John. It, like all the other base resources, can also be obtained through dungeons and trading. In the Broccoli Chapter, it can be obtained through the Loch Juice Monster's goldfish. It can then be used for various upgrades, such as Derek's abilities and items at the Workshop.

During the Burgulon Chapter, Gold can be obtained through the Space Bar, Friends, and the One-Eyed Derekulian Roulette. It is then used to upgrade buildings


Coco, otherwise known as Coco Pops is roughly as common as Wood. It is implied to be some kind of chocolate cereal, similar to Coco Puffs.

It can be obtained in plenty of ways. In the Space Chapter, after Burger reveals the Asteroid he was on is a giant Coco-Pops, The Planet can build and upgrade an Automatic Swirly Straw, which will suck up Coco per second the more you upgrade it, up to 5/sec. It can also be obtained from the Friends Juicosaurus, the Coco Ghost, and Kim Cumber. It can also be obtained through the slot machine, dungeons, and through trading with the Stupid Looking Planet. On reaching the Broccoli Empire, the Asteroid is left behind, with the Coco Penguin filling a similar purpose. Coco can be used to upgrade Derek's health and skills, increase the purity of the Loch Juice Monster's goldfish. It also can summon the Dungeon Master, and create dungeons once said Dungeon Master is summoned.

During the Burgulon chapter, it can be obtained through Bret, who will mine it from your cracks, from Lemonada after you save him, and from the Ancient Dungeon. It can then be used to produce gold at the Space Bar, upgrade your Jerks' muffin power, activate the Celestial Summoner, or to upgrade different buildings. You can also give it to Beanie as a gift, and she will then give you the Baby Engineer's egg. Finally, it is needed to purchase the Coco-Infused Stardust.


Stardust is a much rarer resource. In the Planet Chapter, it is primarily obtained by opening Presents. Upon entering the Broccoli Empire and unlocking the Intergalactic Ghost Exchange, the feature can be used to obtain massive amounts of Stardust.

In the Burgulon Chapter, Stardust is much more common. The initial source of the resource is from Stanley, who continuously collects it and gives it to Burgulon on command. Eventually, once Burgulon's Core is unlocked, it can be harvested to give usable Stardust. Finally, Stardust is a possible reward from winning a Jerk Fight.

It can be used in various different ways throughout the chapters, such as upgrading Space Ben in the Burgulon Chapter and buying gear for Derek.



Ghosts are exclusive to The Broccoli Chapter. They can be obtained by purchasing from Space Ben, demolishing the Workshop, or using the Intergalactic Ghost Exchange. They are used to purchase Answers, Phone Coins, and to increase Ghost and/or Stardust quantities.

Phone Coin

Phone Coins are exclusive to The Broccoli Chapter. After gaining access to Cocobar's Phone, Phone Coins are purchased for 1 Ghost each, and are used to call the different lines.


Lollipops are exclusive to the Burgulon Chapter. They are obtained by ending an Ancient Dungeon run, winning the One-Eyed Derekulian Roulette or Wooden Poker, or winning Jerk Fights. Their use is to upgrade Mouladin, and to trade to Remouladin afterwards for 10 Stardust each.

Space Ring

Space Rings are exclusive to the Burgulon Chapter. They are obtained by winning Jerk Fights or by purchasing them from Space Ben, and are used to purchase more Jerks.

Worm Cubes

Worm Cubes are extremely rare resources in Planet Life. They are used to upgrade different aspects of the Time Terrarium.

Ways to obtain

  • Receive 3 upon re-birthing each time
  • 1 when moving to The Broccoli Empire and Burgulon after re-birth
  • Gamble high enough on Wooden Poker
  • Complete an Endless Dungeon
  • Reach level 100 of the Ancient Planet's Dungeon
  • Defeating a Derekulan with 1,000,000 health (only obtainable through the Derek Summoning Device) for the first time per rebirth
  • Receive 3 upon defeating all Dereks summoned by the Space Radio (Defeating all the Dereks on Derukulus X)