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This article is for the character's appearance in the Burgulon Chapter. For his appearance in The Planet Chapter, see Burger.

Burgulon is the main protagonist of the Burgulon Chapter of Planet Life. He is a robotic planet.


After having been turned into a planet by WIFY, Burgulon is warped to a remote solar system. Presumably wanting to see his closest friend again, The Planet goes to Remouladin to go to the newly born planet. He does so for payment, but this causes the player to assume control of Burgulon.

Burgulon starts to settle into his new life, befriending Bret, Beanie, Stanley, The Garden Boys, and more.

Burgulon, however, seemingly missed The Planet dearly, creating and using the Celestial Summoner thrice in attempts to bring him back. The third time ends up replacing Stanley with Jack, a wicked star who plunges the system into misery and whom Burgulon quickly comes to hate and become bent on defeating.


There are glitches:

  1. The Infinite Worm cube glitch The Infinite Worm cube glitch is a glitch to get you infinite worm cubes. Self explanatory. To do it you will need to be in the Burgulon Chapter and have Sweatson. You will use sweatson to go back to Planet and then use Remouladin to travel back to Burgulon for 50 ghosts, though it actually won't use any of your ghosts, so this can be repeated. Then once teleported back to Burgulon, before you get to him, you will get 1 worm cube. Repeat