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Note: This article is for Burger's appearance in The Planet chapter. See Burgulon for his appearance in the chapter of the same name.

Burger is happy to see you. It tells you that it can in fact be quite productive. What do you want burger to do?

Burger is a robot and the deturagonist of the first chapter of Planet Life. It is a guide to multiple aspects of the game and works on the surface of The Planet to gather Wood or Gold depending on instruction.

Burger is first seen shortly after The Planet is created, "enjoying the sunshine" on the Asteroid. Burger quickly tells The Planet that it has forgotten most of his past life, his memories being contained in a misplaced USB stick.

Burger's memories are restored piece by pieces with the purchase of USB Sticks from Space Ben, each also obtaining a Friend that produces 1 Wood/sec. You obtain Meltyface, Sweatson, and John through his memories of them.

Alongside this, Burger also reveals the Asteroid is a giant Coco-Pops, discovers and gives tips for Dungeons, and gives The Planet their first 5 Stardust.

After entering the Broccoli Kingdom, Burger informs the player that they had left behind the Asteroid and Stupid-looking planet. Afterwards, they mysteriously disappear, being replaced by the similar but useless Burg3r.

Burger was kidnapped and held in the Big Villa by Burger's ex-wife, WIFY. Upon The Planet demanding him back, she forces them to answer a quiz to do so. When they pass the quiz, however, WIFY reveals that she has turned Burger into the planet Burgulon, an entire planet. She talks some nonsense about how you didn't deserve Burger's help, and eventually sends him away into another solar system. You play as Burgulon after obtaining the Godly Number on Cocobar's phone and giving Remouladin fifty ghosts.