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"This is all inside Beanie's head. Amazing! There's even a Casino here"

Beanie's Imagination is a major location in the Burgulon chapter of Planet Life. It is unlocked upon the third use of the Celestial Summoner alongside the appearance of Jack.

When Burgulon visits Beanie after Jack appears, Burgulon realizes the bright sun had burned her eyes out. Beanies is initially unresponsive, causing Burgulon to poke her to get her attention. Upon doing so, Burgulon is transported to her imagination, being greeted by Beanie's form in this dimension. Afterwards, going to her in subsequent visits transports him to her imagination, presumably by the same method.


Casino Camp

This is an outdoor casino. Two games are available: One-Eyed Derekulian Roulette and Wooden Poker.

The Woods

This is the home of Mouladin.


Any friendly people seen on the Ancient Planet's Dungeon are sent to Beanie's Imagination, as with those found after beating Bent, Slopnax, and Mayonada.


After sending a Friend to her imagination, Beanie herself appears. Talking to her reveals some dialogue and opens the option to upgrade her imagination to become capable of creating Legendary Jerks for 10,000 Stardust.